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Learn how to THAI THINGS UP

with Chef Nikky!

Thai Food with a Mediterranean Twist | Thai Recipes

Here I am with Lana Constantine. Lana works with Gardenuity a company that brings gardening to your home making it fun and easy. This episode Lana and I use fresh ingredients to create a Thai dish with a Mediterranean twist!

Thai Takeover wants to come to YOUR kitchen!

Are you ready for a Thai Takeover in your kitchen? I will show up with my crew to your kitchen and help you Thai things up in the kitchen. We will use things from your own kitchen and add delicious Thai flavors. Making your food more fun and delicious!

Sauces 1080p 

As a busy mom of 2 kids and running 5 restaurants I don’t have a lot of time to make fabulous-tasting food. That is why I put my famous sauces into a bottle! No one has to know you didn’t slave all day over these dishes. Just add a bit of one of my famous sauces and you will be wowing those at your table. Visit the link below to get your sauce on!

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